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Please feel free to reach out for any questions and inquires here

Gallery Descriptions

What if - Retro Futurism with exaggerated ideas of space travel and aliens incorporated in to the mundane

60s Tranquil - Similar to "What if" with less aliens

Blooming Personalities - Each personality is represented by a different bouquet

Imaginary Landscapes - Coming Soon

Diagrams of Nothing - Diagrams are based on the real ones but if you have ever looked at an original this is how I see them.

Sale Flyers - Affordable prints from the above collections

NFT Art Brokerage

We handle private sales. When contacting us let us know the parties involved and the art piece. We can establish the information through email and I will give my information so both parties have a tangible entity.

Fee is based on the piece involed and required work to procure the art. We accept eth, poly, and btc.

We do not store any data. Pretty simple. We believe the idea behind being decentralized doesn't include keeping your information. If we add cookies in the future it will be to determine what collections are popular in which regions.